Number of LEED certification in the first quarter 2016 is the largest since 2012 in Brazil

Fonte: PINIweb

The Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brazil) granted 73 new certification LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in the first four months of 2016, highest number since 2012, when they were covered 90 projects. The organization also certified eight new projects Referential GBC Brazil House.

"In the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 had, respectively, 71, 29 and 45 new LEED projects and Referential GBC Brazil House. Since the month of April 2016 registered a record in the number of new projects, 33 LEED records and two records referential GBC Brazil house only 30 days", says Felipe Faria, CEO of GBC Brazil.

LEED is an international certification that evaluates projects under the criteria of efficiency and rationalization of resources, attesting to its sustainability. Already Referential GBC Brazil House is a certification specifically geared to the residential sector, developed since 2011 attest to the high economic, social and environmental performance of projects.

According to a survey published in the World Report 2015 of World GBC, in Brazil, 36% of professionals and companies from various sectors of the construction industry claim that by 2018, over 60% of their projects will be green. "In the previous survey, released in 2012, only 6% mentioned this commitment, with 2015 as the horizon", adds Faria.

"For years the concept of sustainable construction no longer trend, and has established itself as a necessary transformation in which we should invest all the time in the generation of opportunities. It is up to industry leaders working to stimulate market awareness further on the importance of sustainability in the country is buildings - which is present mainly in the corporate segment, but also in residential projects - and at the same time encouraging the government to create support policies for sustainable construction", concludes the director.