House in Sao Paulo signed by SuperLimão Studio wins international award for projects in bricks

Source: PINIweb

Signed by SuperLimão Studio office, the project of a house in Marilia Street in Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, won the Wienerberger Brick Award 2016 in the category reuse. The biennial award is intended for architectural proposals using bricks with excellence.

The construction in São Paulo is one of the last historical made of bricks in the region. Optionally architects rather than demolish the house and build another in its place - which would be the most economically viable - the structure was preserved. For the jury of the award, the house is "an example of awareness when dealing with historic buildings, and makes its contribution to preserve a historical heritage".

"With Marilia, we had the opportunity to create a project that respects the history, equipment, the environment and around. To ensure that the project is very flexible, we leave all their infrastructure outside", explained the architects.

The house reveals his new life by steel structures and a new room. The outer walls remained as they were, but the interior of the house was entirely modified to adapt to its new use.

The other winners were Wienerberger Brick Award: 2226, Austria, by special resolution; House 1014, in Spain, for urban construction; Termitary House in Vietnam for residential use; Auditorium AZ Groeninge, Belgium, for public use; and Cluster House, Switzerland, as a special solution. This year, two projects were rewarded with the rank of Grand Prix: the 2226 and the 1014 House.

The jury was formed by Laura Andreini, Johan Anrys, Matija Bevk and Alfred Munkenbeck.