Aida Boal dies, aged 86, in Rio de Janeiro

Source: Casa Vogue

Aida Boal  (Foto: Kitty Paranaguá/ divulgação)
Aida Boal

The design and architecture of Brazil say goodbye to an important name of national creativity. Aida Boal died on Friday (27/05), aged 86, in Rio de Janeiro, after undergoing treatments for respiratory problems.

Besides architect and designer, Aida was visual artist and sculptor, justifying the choice of his profession for his "irrepressible vocation for design". Their designs are known for combining aesthetics and comfort harmony.

projeto viés 2 (Foto: divulgação)
The chair Christina, designed by Aida Boal for many years and now finally produced, stands out for angular and sleek design, the straight fittings and extreme comfort. Wooden structure catuaba, with seat and leather back

One of his most recent projects was the chair Christina, prototype rescued by Viés design, created by Flavio FrancoZanini of Zanine and Ronald Scliar Sasson, in order to enhance the good Brazilian design.