Architects and shopkeepers visiting the Casa Cor São Paulo
Postado em 19/05/2016

Text: Bruna Batista
Photos: Bruna Batista, Rafael and Juliana Tavares

The Arquitetura do Vale took on last Thursday (19), a select group of architects for the Casa Cor São Paulo, the largest exhibition of architecture, decoration and landscaping of the Americas. In its 30th edition, the place with 70 rooms meet project dedicated architects, sustainable ideas, and bet on rookies professionals.

For the employee Andorra, Rodrigo Silva, the show is an opportunity to increase knowledge and see what is new in the market. "The whole scenario makes us see the decorating trends, and even finishes. In my case I saw much wood finish, which is interesting for never go out of fashion and be sophisticated", he says. As for Daniela Magacho, owner of Atual Marcenaria, Casa Cor not only looked like a show, but impressed by really appear to be a residence, to which people feel the warmth. "She had a house away, makes you want to live. The coolest thing is that the trends of the furniture is very similar to what already works Current, which highlights the quality and the interests of the people by bespoke furniture with bold finishes ,"he explains.

The architect Renata Silveri was amazed with the surroundings of Casa Cor, what inspired you in your future projects. "There are many references, lots of information, creativity flows and this inspires professional in future projects", he says.

Before you know Casa Cor, architects and tenants were able to see the showroom of Deca and attend a lecture on the water economy and the mechanisms that the company is using to reduce consumption of its customers. "The most interesting of the lecture was to see that awareness of Deca for the consumption of water, off the new brand also invest in the kitchens with their products", concludes Daniela.