Integrated room:
Postado em 30/05/2016

Source: Casa Vogue

Integrating the room with another room or even the whole house is an expression of contemporary living style, which emphasizes the interaction between people and the sharing of experiences. So this feature, as well as better use of the spaces, allows the meeting between the residents and also a way to get more unpretentious and pleasant. To prove that it is worth investing in free environments walls, we selected 14 ideas of how to integrate the living room with dining, kitchen or even the pool area. To read the full story, click on the titles!

Among the pieces of generous measures, one of which runs through the whole space of this integrated living. This is the linear bank in the main window, which gives function to the space normally despised. Mobile accommodates guests on feast days and also makes the chest of times.

The idea in this environment is to mark the integration the floor, an old and beautiful wooden bat. Attention to the size of the furniture that meet the circulation spaces and dining table finish and rack being, that dialogue with the wood flooring.

The palette of gray tones, white and black predominates in the environment, where everything is complete. In this immensity of restricted colors, colon light: the pillows, tactically arranged on the sofa and the carpet, which though light gray in its composition, shines like a mesh of silver.

In this proposal, where the living is integrated with the dining room, the wooden furniture and clearcoats dialogue with the carpet with a gently worn pattern. The gently rounded lines of the pieces also mark a point in common.

The rooms have featured on your left an outdoor area with pool, hence the air unpretentious and comfortable mobile, mostly in earth tones. The two areas share a large sideboard against the wall, which has niches to accommodate books and decorative objects.
This room is on the ground floor of the house and incorporates the main idea of ​​the project: generous living areas and openings for the view of the golf course. Therefore, the use of the overhead door with automated single glass.

Integrating the environment is a good resource to enjoy every centimeter. Here, the cozy couch delimits the area of ​​being, which shares space with the dining room and the kitchen with island. Especially the furniture and fittings of fine lines not to weigh on the environment.

The structural pillar could not be demolished, but even so it has become a problem. The architects decided to coat it with burnt cement and highlighted the structure. The low bookcase divides the spaces lightly and not interfere with the sense of space, delineates areas and also serves as a support for books and objects. 

The entire living area was built and environments differ only by different coatings on the floor. Nevertheless, the graphic prints make the connection between the spaces, such as carpet being and kitchen tile panel.

With stunning scenery around this apartment could not fail to have the living room integrated to the balcony. Heavy frames were replaced by a portico of white frames, which allows the view of the sea at any moment. The huge carpet in tone sand demarcates the environment.

Instead of using cabinets or partitions to delimit spaces, there were creative and beautiful solutions in this project. Between the lobby and the living was installed an elegant structure of pipes that while delimiting the area of ​​the TV room also serves as a coat rack.

In this apartment, kitchen, living room and dining included in a single space, displaying a harmonious play of colors. To emphasize the horizontality of the space, the architect has created extensive concrete shelves that support design and books objects. These parts also form a niche where the wooden sideboard was docked.

Hexagonal hydraulic tiles were applied on the wooden floor to get the dining table and demarcate the area, integrated with all the other rooms of the house. Especially the chairs of different models, which make up an interesting set.

Here is another idea to mark the functions of each environment with grace. Ceramic plates give the effect of aged wood painted. In the kitchen, the floor mimics light wood, worn by time, and the passage of the dining area to the living colored pieces were applied.