British School of Creative Arts reaches SP in building Isay Weinfeld
Postado em 29/04/2016

Source: Casa Vogue


Building facade to receive the EBAC in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, SP
Stimulate the development of the creative economy in Brazil. Synthesized form, this is the main flag raised by the direction of the British School of Creative Arts (EBAC), which has just announced its arrival in the country. Housed in a building Isay Weinfeld architect in São Paulo, the educational center is currently with open selection process for courses in various disciplines, and in August, will officially begin its activities.

Among the first courses offered included Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Art Direction, Motion and Broadcast Design and other unpublished in Brazil, as Architecture Projects View and Development of Applications for Mobile Devices. Some ofereção degree from the University of Hertfordshire in London, one of the UK is best.
Another angle Isay Weinfeld project
In an event held yesterday (28/4), the team EBAC revealed the main - and innovative! - Pillars that promise to transform the institution into a world reference. One of the advantages offered by EBAC is to provide a multiple and transdisciplinary look.

"Over the past two years, more than 5,500 young people have left Brazil to study in the UK in search of better quality of teaching and I doubt if they will come back, because there will find a more developed, stable and innovative market. Our great challenge is to develop and retain those talents here. The global quality education is one of the priority ways to lead Brazil to a more advanced stage of development", says Mauricio Tortosa, CEO of EBAC.
The developer Idea ! Zarvos , which will carry out the construction, seeks to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood
The LAB, building in which the EBAC will be installed, was designed by architect Isay Weinfeld and performed by the developer Idea ! Zarvos focused on authorial architectural projects. " It may sound pretentious, but our goal is to deliver a legacy for the city", said Otavio Zarvos, founder of Idea!Zarvos on the intention to create a higher quality building, able to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood Vila Madalena.

The school is open for registration through the website with a careful selection process , including interviews with parents and students.
Rua Mourato Coelho, 1404 - Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo
Tel .: (11) 2645-4164